Our Sales Solutions

Are you looking for new training opportunities for your sales team? Whether it is someone you just hired or existing team members that could brush up on their skills, Scorecard has what you need.

Webinar and Live Sales Trainings

We at Scorecard understand the importance of workforce development for our clients and communities. We offer a variety of sales training courses to help meet the needs of you, your team, and your organization. Our sales trainings have been carefully designed and presented several times to make certain that they have the highest impact possible.

From Sales Methods & Mastery to Customer Service Excellence, learn more about our training offerings below.

Are struggling to hit your sales goals? Chances are you need someone on your team giving you the time and attention you need to get back on track. Scorecard can help you.


Our tools and processes will keep you focused, challenged, and on track to meet your goals. Work with one of our experienced sales coaches with a program that is customized to the needs of each of your salespeople including managers.

1:1 Sales Coaching

Our Sales coaching is designed to help sales professionals develop skills, increase sales performance, and achieve better results.

Through tailored programs, our coaches provide guidance and support to sales professionals to help them identify areas of improvement, develop strategies, and overcome workplace challenges.

Sales coaching services help sales teams and their organizations reach their goals and maximize their potential.

Everyone needs a little help once in a while when looking at their company sales culture.

  • What’s working?

  • What’s not working

  • What meaningful changes can we make?

  • What new ideas are worth trying?

  • What should success look like for us?

Let’s have a conversation about the growth opportunities for your sales team. We can run a diagnostic Power Score Assessment that will give you real data on the best places to start.

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