About Us

Our Mission

Since 2020, our team of coaches has had a single mission in mind: “To make the world a better place through sales. We love salespeople and want to help them succeed.” We take great pride in helping our clients increase their sales by improving their processes in an easy, enjoyable, and most importantly, effective way!

Who We Serve

Since 2020, Scorecard Sales has built a strong reputation and proven track record helping the sales teams in the construction, insurance, and manufacturing industries achieve their sale’s goals.

We proudly serve all South-Central Pennsylvania!

  • York County
  • Lancaster County
  • Berk County
  • Dauphin County
  • Cumberland County
  • Adams County

Meet Our Team

Aaron Jacobs

Aaron has a passion for sales and has held various senior leadership positions in different organizations, such as CEO, COO and Sales Manager. He takes great delight in teaching others about sales strategies that will lead to their success, not just in selling but in overall customer satisfaction. By collaborating with Aaron and his team, you can become highly efficient in sales, create a culture that supports sales, and ensure that your product or service stands out from your competition.

Janelle Weaver

Janelle has sales and marketing experience in a variety of industries and applies her unique blend of empathy and business sense to motivate salespeople to hone their skills and utilize Scorecard techniques and technology to increase sales. She believes that each salesperson is a treasure with potential to shine. She finds joy in the process of coaching salespeople to reveal their talents, as she works to elevate your Sales processes and messaging.