Sales Training

Are you looking for new training opportunities for your sales team? Whether it is someone you just hired or existing team members that could brush up on their skills, Scorecard has what you need.

Basic Sales Training

This basic training course is designed for people who are new to sales as well as seasoned professionals. This is a great opportunity for participants to brush up on best practices and exercise their sales muscles.

There is something for everybody as we learn the common language of sales, how to position yourself as a sales professional, the structure of a successful sales process, and the best techniques for achieving your goals.

Course Objectives

  • Learning Sales Terminology
  • Defining the Sales Process
  • The Art & Science of Selling Understanding Sales Methodology
  • Developing Personal Branding
  • Creating a Value Proposition
  • Developing Your Listening Skills
  • Researching Prospects
  • Understanding Prospect Sequencing
  • Learning How to Cold Call
  • Learning The Discovery Process
  • Know the Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Goal Setting
  • How To Plan Your Daily Sales Activities Creating Sales KPIs & Metrics
  • Daily Huddles for Sales Teams Effective Role Playing
  • The Importance of Qualifying Clients At The Desk Meetings
  • Closing The Deal
  • Managing Objections (basics)
  • The Principles of Farming
  • Asking for Referrals
  • Developing The Customer Experience

Managing Sales Objections

Sales objections are the cause of, and solution to, almost all of your sales problems.

This must-have sales course addresses the pain that we all have to deal with when trying to get meetings and close deals.

We will teach you how to turn these scary monsters into your competitive advantage with tools and techniques that will build your confidence and win you more sales.

Course Objectives

  • Defining What Sales Objections Are
  • Developing Your Confidence
  • Understanding the 4 Types of Objections
  • How To Control the Objection Process
  • Knowing the Difference Between Objection and Rejection
  • How To Handle Rejection and Become Rejection Proof
  • How to Uncover Objections
  • Understanding Decision Makers and their Processes
  • Mastering the Self Disclosure Loop
  • Preparing For and Rehearsing For Objections Improving Your Odds for Achieving the ‘Yes’
  • Avoiding Sales Squirrels
  • Learning the HELP Method
  • Getting Micro Commitments
  • Understanding The Objection Override Process
  • Controlling Your Emotions
  • Becoming a High Performer From Mastering Objections

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