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If you’re like most agents we work with, you have a good sales team, but you don’t know how to make them great. Scorecard Sales Agency Sales Power Program can do just that while achieving growth with existing accounts, more referrals, and increased new business sales.

The Agency Sales Power Program could be a good fit for you and your team if you have

  • Producers and CSRs that are more focused on service than sales.
  • A leaky sales pipeline with missed opportunities that you may not even know you had.
  • A sales culture that doesn’t know how to work the sales equation (pipeline + activities = results)

Scorecard Sales Agency Sales Power Program is unique in how it works because we use

  • Technology – Simple state-of-the-art web tools to make salespeople’s and managers’ jobs easier and more effective/ efficient. Our Scorecard Planning Tool has helped transformed teams like yours.
  • Real sales activity data (Such as Phone Calls, Closed Deals, Referrals) to help improve your results.
  • Regular 1:1 sales coaching to keep the team focused and challenged.

We are successful working with teams like yours to do better and we help them to achieve their goals. Let’s talk today about how we can get started together with your Agency Sales Power Program.

Real Results That Translate to Sales


Below is just a small sample size of growth that we have brought one of our insurance agency clients over the past year:

Scorecard Services

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We systemize sales training in your organization to begin the process of predictable results.


Our coaching is the key for driving passion and success within your team.


Everyone needs a little help once in a while when looking at their company sales culture.


Access a wide range of tools to help with prospecting, sales meetings, sales planning, presentations and more.

We Should Talk If:

  • Your competitors are getting all of the new business

  • Your sales team is not reaching its goals

  • Your salespeople have become disengaged

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What Our Clients Saying About Us

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Aaron was so helpful in breaking down sales concepts to an applicable game plan for our company and employees. The two day seminar was great for those of us just beginning to sell; as well as more seasoned employees that benefit from a refresher in concepts and training on overcoming roadblocks.
Karly Jones
Google Reviews


Below is just a small sample size of growth that we have brought one of our insurance agency clients over the past year:

I recently attended a 2 day training with Scorecard Sales for my employer and it was a very good experience. I highly recommend them!
Sandra Rizzuti
Google Reviews
The sales coaching was engaging and informative. I learned a lot on how I can improve my tactics and the sessions caused me to have to really take time to reflect on the shortcomings that I have as a salesperson. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn and apply the Scorecard system into my job.
Gene Lowes
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We Know You Won't Read This, But...

You should become the owner who is known for having turned the business around. It is hard as a business owner to watch your sales team lose its competitive advantage. Salespeople don’t achieve their goals, you’re losing business to competitors and it is more fun to remember how great you used to be instead of how great you are becoming. We used to have problems like that too until we figured out a new way to turn around sales teams. 

Schedule a consultation today, take our Power Score sales culture assessment, and let’s create a plan that makes you a turn around specialist in sales. Stop watching your old sales processes fail every year while your competitors grow with customers that should belong to you. Our easy to use sales tools and methods will help you reclaim your competitive advantage in the marketplace with a sales team that will put your company back on the map. 

Today will be the last day that you helplessly watch your company slowly spiral downwards as it gets lost in a sea of competition. Today is the day when you become the person who turned around the whole sales department and made things better for everyone. 

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