The Mood of the King is the Mood of the Kingdom

So, what kind of mood have you been in lately? Have you been a cheery cherry bouncing from one rainbow to the next ray of sunshine? Or have you been a grumpy lump riding around on the fussy bus? Moods come and go for most of us, but our attitude is the general predisposition that sets the tempo for so many things around us. Each of us has a kingdom, and if you’re a manager or leader in your business, your kingdom will be bigger than most. The culture of our team is often the mirror image of ourselves that we struggle to see. If your sales team is excited and engaged, they are probably picking that up from you. Are they feeling gloomy about the future or making excuses as to why they are not meeting their sales targets?  Perhaps you’ve been a little pessimistic yourself lately. The question is, do you really believe that you have that much control over your team’s mood and culture and, if you do, what can you do to make things (even) better?


When it comes to sales, we always want to make something better. We want more sales, more income, happier and abundant customers (who pay on time), a vibrant sales team, a butt-kicking marketing campaign, and so forth. Sometimes our mood gets in the way of all these things we want and we don’t even realize it. Moreover, we want those around us to perform better but everyone seems down in the dumps. Well, the mood of the king is the mood of the kingdom so everything is going to have to start with you. Here are some simple tricks that will help to lift your mood and, ergo, boost the morale of your team as well. 


  1. Switch it up – Monotony doesn’t bring down morale by itself, but it can be the mud that our sad spirits sit in once we reach the bottom. Try something new. Perhaps a different approach to sales meetings, or give them new sales targets. Keep it fresh.
  2. Fellowship – Spend some 1:1 time with your team over breakfast, lunch, or just a coffee. Remove yourself from the office and go somewhere comfortable where you don’t just have to talk about business. It’s called comfort food for a reason.
  3. Recognition – Take the time to celebrate successes. They don’t have to be major, but impactful. Praise not only makes the person receiving it feel good but the person giving it as well. It’s easy to do and it will automatically lift your mood.
  4. Special projects – Find something new to sink your teeth into. Research a possible new line of sales, or a useful sales tool. Check out some of the latest software for your industry and report back to the team. This can be not only a useful distraction, but you will likely learn something very valuable as well.
  5. Happy customers – Nothing brightens your spirits quite the way a happy customer can. Spend time with your salespeople visiting happy customers and remind yourselves of why you do what you do. At the very least, you can read some of the comments from your customer surveys or online reviews. 


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