Getting Punched in the Face? Cold Calling & Rejection

Very few salespeople get excited about cold calling and sales rejections hurt no matter who we are. That’s your baseline and it’s something we all have to overcome to be successful in sales. I want to tell you that there is a great hypnotherapy technique that will quiet your inner voices or give you a pill that will turn your anxieties into exuberant confidence. We already know that these don’t exist, but what you are really looking for are coping and motivating skills to help you push through your own fear of rejection. And there’s the good news, these skills do exist.


It is natural to avoid rejection. That’s why we all want warm leads. It’s hard to feel successful when so many strangers tell us ‘no’ before they even know what we have to offer. The fact is that you will have more opportunities and success if you introduce yourself and your products & services to people who are otherwise unaware. I don’t want to bemoan the importance of prospecting and handling rejection because you know most of it already. However, these simple tips are a practical way for you to get back creating new opportunities for success.

  1. You’re not a pest, you’re a problem solver – This is something that I recommend that everyone repeats to themselves each time they pick up the phone, send an email, etc. It’s a fact. You just need to find people who have the problem you can help with.
  2. Looking for a fit – You are not seeking validation of your sales skills, you are looking for those who are a good fit for what you sell. There’s only one way to do that and that is asking. If it isn’t a good fit, no big deal. Onto the next opportunity.
  3. Set easy goals – Don’t drown yourself in prospecting activity if you don’t have to. It is exhausting. Set goals that are achievable. 10 phone calls a day isn’t all that much, but compound this activity over days and weeks, you’ll see that you are improving and getting better results. 
  4. Prospects can’t hurt you – I have yet to hear a story where someone cold calling got a bloody nose, went to prison or had their birthday taken from you. Prospects can’t hurt you. They have no power to do so. Remind yourself that you are safe and create an emotional distance from their response.
  5. Be Persistent – The more you cold call or prospect, the better you get at it and the less painful a ‘no’ becomes. You will build a natural immunity to rejection just from the exposure alone. Your mind will create its own coping mechanisms to help you handle rejection if you are willing to try.

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