Building Up The Nerve To Cold Call

Let’s face it, you can only run from cold calling as a salesperson for so long. If you managed to be successful without it, chances are it is because someone else is doing the heavy lifting for you to generate your leads. But if you really want to become the great salesperson you think you are or want to be, it’s all about getting the attention of someone who doesn’t know you for an opportunity to sell. Yes, it is old school, yes it is still effective and frankly, it’s quite powerful.


There are several elements to effective cold calling such as messaging, method, timing and targeting, but there is one that is often overlooked; coping. It is the one you are struggling the most with for sure and, that is, how do I confront prospects who do not know me and may reject me? Let’s face it, you procrastinate every chance you get to pick up the phone and we all do it, but there are some simple and effective methods for mentally preparing for this effective and essential sales skill. Here are ways you can prepare yourself for cold calling just by simply uttering these words to yourself over and over again as if you are saying them to your prospect.


  1.  You can’t hurt me, but I can help you – Cold calling is not illegal or immoral. You will not get arrested for calling a prospect, they cannot defame you or get you fired. They can say ‘no’. That’s it. That’s the worst that can happen. However, you can actually help them. Why else would you be calling them? 
  2. I am bringing good news – Let’s face it, you will almost always contact someone at an inconvenient time. That doesn’t make you a pest, that makes you an unplanned opportunity for them. You know you have something they need and they must hear about it. You are not a pest, you are a problem solver.
  3. Say ‘no’ today, say ‘yes’ tomorrow – In sales, ‘no’ always means ‘not today’. Whether your prospects know it or not, what they are really saying is that they are not ready yet. Once you have planted an idea in their head, check back in a couple of months and see how that idea grew in them.
  4. I want your sale, but I’ll settle for your attention – Salespeople who don’t get noticed cannot be successful. Prospects have to get used to you. After all, you are a good person. Although your fear of cold calling desires to have your call go right to voicemail. It is better to get their direct attention than to go unnoticed. 
  5. I deserve to be successful – You certainly do deserve success and you need to remind yourself of this before each call. Success comes to those who desire it and can see it. Hear your prospect saying yes before they answer the phone and they will pick up on that and respond more favorably.

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