The 3 Truths About Sales Objections

If you are like most salespeople, you do not like any sales objections. On the one hand, who could blame you. It would be nice to have every sale be easy with nothing but fun to answer questions from enthusiastic buyers who have already made up their minds that they are going to buy from you. If you like that kind of selling, you would probably enjoy working the cash register at a local fast food restaurant (and even that isn’t always that easy). When I say sales objection, I mean statements and questions like:

  • Why are you so expensive?
  • Is that all you have to offer?
  • I think I would like to think this over.

None of these examples are an outright ‘no’ or deal killer. It is a question from the customer that shows that they probably have not made up their mind yet and are still engaged. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can do is avoid sales objections. You know one or more objections exist for your customer, but you are doing everything you can to dodge it. In fact, encourage and embrace their objections because as you satisfy each will, you will increase your odds of closing the deal. That said, there are 3 basic truths about customers when it comes to sales objections.


  1. One or more objections will occur at any given phase of the sale process.
  2. Objections never magically disappear on their own.
  3. Objections will always fester until they are acknowledged and addressed.


         Take a moment and reflect on some of your own purchasing experiences. Have you ever made a major purchase without at least having one concern about your purchase? If the concern was important to you, did you just let it fade away without discussing it? Do you fixate on your objection, possibly tuning out the salesperson, because no one is taking time to address what is important to you? Of course you do, but just because an objection cannot be satisfied doesn’t mean the sale is dead, it is now just part of the purchasing equation of what is most important to a buyer. Continue to demonstrate that their objections are important to you and help them to solve it together.


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