You Only Fail When You Quit

Sooner or later you need someone to encourage you to keep trying. In sales, that need occurs more often than any of us are willing to admit. The life of a sales person is high highs and low lows and hardly ever in the middle. That’s the life we chose and let it be so. But what happens when the hard times just won’t give in? We’ve all found ourselves in the death valley of sales. There is no sign of life and we question whether we should change our careers, will we be fired, is there something wrong with me and simply, what am I doing wrong? Some days you are ready to throw in the towel and stomp on it a couple of times. Are you ready to accept that you are a failure? 


The only time you truly fail is when you quit. Let’s be honest, maybe sales just isn’t for you. Or, the more likely conclusion is to figure out what isn’t working and change it. Salespeople have to deal with a lot of rejection, but that is not the same thing as failure. Roll up your sleeves and fight the good fight. Change will not happen immediately, but you can turn things around and here are 5 things you can do to get started.


  1. Attitude – Yes, I understand that pointing this out is not going to make headline news, but it must be discussed because, frankly, everything hinges on this. If you maintain an attitude of failure you will achieve just that. I know it is difficult to change your mindset, but until you do, nothing else you do will matter.
  2. Behaviors – This is the natural progression from the topic of attitude, but have you examined what habits are holding you back?  Are you really putting your best foot forward or have you been stung by the busy bee and forgot how to be productive? You have to do something different. 
  3. Try something new – The world will not change for you, so if you don’t try something new, why should anything be different? Try a new market, a fresh approach, network with new people. Whatever you do make sure you get out of your comfort zone; it is not as comfortable as it appears.
  4. Get help – Salespeople are notorious about not asking for help. We don’t like to show any signs of weakness. You have to rise above this and reach out to someone you respect for honest feedback. Seek to listen to what they have to say. If it makes sense, perhaps you can ignite a mentor relationship. Salespeople with mentors always perform better than those that don’t. 
  5. See your success – I understand that it is hard to see the promised land when you are wandering the desert. If you truly cannot see your goal, then chances are it will never find you either. And don’t see the leap you need to get there, but the steps it takes each day until you arrive. 

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