Selling On Friday Never Works

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about the salesperson implied and perpetual  3 day weekend. You’re reading this because the title got your attention and either you A) agree and are looking to validate this argument with your boss or B) completely disagree and are enraged with such a bold claim. This topic could be the third rail for yours truly and his audience, but let’s look at the issue from both sides.


For salespeople who almost always write off Fridays for legit selling activities, I hear you. You’re not the only one who becomes a phantom on Fridays; lots of customers do too. So perhaps we’ll make an appearance to the office in the morning, catch up on the ‘admin’ stuff that makes us look busy in front of our computers, then quietly slip out the back when no one is looking. And if anyone asks, you’re going to catch up on your emails at the local coffee shop. Well, you’re neither wrong nor right about your customers. Some of them have ghosted 👻 and the remaining ones have no interest in a sales call on a Friday any more than you do. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to be had on Friday.


What do I say about sales people who are crushing their goals? Well, most sales jobs are never typically a 9 – 5 job. You’re not making widgets, you’re producing results. If you can crush your sales goals in only 30 hours of the week, then so it goes. Most sales managers are more concerned with your outputs than your inputs. You’re paid on salary with a commission and you punch no man’s clock. If you, your team and your superiors are happy with your results, then perhaps Friday is negotiable.


Now, let’s see what’s on the other side of this coin. People who stick it out and sell on Fridays are keeping a secret from the non-Friday salespeople and cashing in. 🔐Do you know who else is ducking out on Fridays? Your competitors. Sure, you might have a smaller audience on Friday, but they are a captive audience nonetheless. Most people prefer not to jam pack their schedule on Friday and have a little extra time for a sale call, perhaps more time than any other day of the week. After all, Friday represents 20% of your time to sell. Who in their right mind would give up 20% of their opportunities? 


Salespeople who are crushing their goals and still give their best on Friday are the ones filled with passion, desire and motivation. Naturally, they are higher earners as well. They aren’t about to forfeit that 20%. They want more and they will certainly get it. In some cases, they will even tell you that they have their best successes on Friday.


So, where do I land on the issue? It really depends. I don’t argue with successful sales people and whatever good or bad habits they have that gets them results. Results speak louder than anything. But why forfeit 20% opportunities that may be at a premium? I guess it really depends on where you are with your goals, the company’s goals and overall results. It’s nice to be rewarded with some extra padding to your weekend, but perhaps put the extra effort in on a few Fridays. You might like the extra sales and income it gets you.

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