What’s Wrong With Asking For A Little Help?

Salespeople are a prideful bunch. So are their managers. We always love to act like everything is under control and very often this may be true. But what happens when things aren’t going so great. When is it time to ask for help? We don’t like to ask for help because it is a sign of weakness and we worry about how this weakness will be perceived by others. That can be your boss, your customer base, your competitors, or your respected peers. So we just pretend that everything is okay while deep down we are actually suffering.

Believe it or not, relief from your struggles starts the very moment that you ask for help. ,(Read: Do We Need a Sales Coach?) Admitting you need help is one thing, but seeking the solution is another. Some of the most successful people in not only business but in sales are the ones that ask for help at the right time. When it comes to sales, Scorecard is here to help you. What’s wrong with asking for a little bit of help? Here are 5 things that might be a sign that it is time to ask for help.

  1. You are not meeting sales goals – It’s easy to focus on sales goals. I’m not talking about just missing it in the last month. I mean consistently missing it month after month and things are starting to feel a little scary. (Learn more: ,“6 Reasons Good Salespeople Stop Reaching Their Goals”)
  2. Competitors are taking your business – You once had a respectable book of business, but customers are leaving you for the competition. Sales are hurting and you have no plan to win them back while attracting new customers.
  3. The sales team is disengaged – Sales meetings are unproductive. (for help with this, visit: ,Sales Meeting Agenda Tools & Templates) Salespeople stop communicating or worse, leave the company. You can feel the tension building.
  4. You no longer have a plan for growth – You used to have a competitive strategy, but frankly, you’ve lost your edge lately. You want to get back out there and compete but you’ve lost your way. (more about this:, One Page Sales Plan – the Start of Sales Strategy)
  5. You feel like you have exhausted your options – You’ve tried to do everything you can to figure this out on your own but you’re not getting anywhere. You are now officially stuck.

It’s time to ask for help and it’s okay to do so. Reach out to Scorecard for help with your sales goals, sales team, and sales culture.

Our most successful clients are winning sales awards, breaking records, gaining new business, and learning new skills. How’d they do it? They attended sales training, created a new sales culture, engaged in one on one sales coaching, and embraced Scorecard methodology and technology.

They did it and you can, too. Read what they’re saying online, ,here. Then contact us at ,[email protected] to learn more and get some help today.

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