Do You Know Your Customer’s Code Of Ethics?

Every business is expected to have a set of rules and to play by those rules when it comes to our customers. We do our best to adopt a service-first business model where we will do anything for the sake of our customers. Customers are, of course, the lifeblood of our business so naturally, we want to do anything we can for their sake to keep them coming back for more. The question is, do you feel like you are playing on a level field with your customers?

We have to accept some hard realities that quite often our relationship with our customers are more one-sided than we like to admit. So, if we tell our customers that they can expect certain things from us based on our code of ethics, then what do you think we would expect from customers? Here are the hard truths about the Customer Code Of Ethics.

The customer demands a deal that is best for them every time.

  1. The customer expects options that are easy to choose from.
  2. The customer wants everything about working with you to be easy.
  3. The customer insists that their demands are reasonable… as far as they are concerned.
  4. The customer will want their money back if they are not happy, even if it is their fault.
  5. The customer believes that they deserve to be right about everything.
  6. The customer believes that it is your privilege to have them as your customer.
  7. The customer expects you to treat them as your most important customer.
  8. It’s the customer’s money so they expect to be calling the shots.
  9. If you cannot satisfy the customer’s demands, they can take your business anywhere else and anytime and leave you a bad online review regardless of whether or not it is deserved.

This is what you are working with whether it is expressed or not, but why is this important to know? Because the customer does not and will not see the sale the same way that you do and they want you to give up control of the sale. Any you will be tempted to do so, but before you give it all away, remember that customers don’t care about:

  • Your profit
  • Your income
  • Your other customers
  • Your idea of a fair deal
  • Your personal problems
  • What motivates you
  • Whether or not you think you are a nice person
  • How badly you need this sale

Remember that a sale should always be mutually beneficial and as a respected sales professional, you should expect to be treated as such. It is good to want to work with customers to get them what they want, but it is also important to stand your ground. If you don’t look out for the best interests of you and your company, your customer certainly never will.

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