Never Lower Your Price Until You Ask Twice

Customers will make their purchasing decision based on price if they perceive no other value. This is an old sales truth that will never change. A major part of our role as salespeople is to communicate that value in a compelling way to the customer. Easier said than done for some of us. As salespeople, we acknowledge that customers can get similar products and services from our competitors, although we’d rather not call attention to it. When the conversation of options comes up, you can bet that price will be a part of that discussion.

You want the sale and the customer will make you work for it. So if a customer wants a discount, shouldn’t they work for it as well? Most salespeople dislike price objections and buckle under this pressure every time. This is the point where you usually lose control of the sale and you adopt a defensive position. It is critical to remember: Never Lower The Price Until You Ask Twice!

If you are not willing to ask for your same price twice, then you are giving up control of the sale at the most vital time. (read more about how to control the sale here.) Customers love to play games with the price, and you will lose every time you play it if you play by their rules. If you find that you have no other choice but to lower your price and it is still a fair deal, do not do so until you have asked for the same price twice. You will find that this demonstrates confidence and customers will respect you for it. Many times you will find that the customer isn’t willing to push back a second time; especially if he or she has no grounds to ask for a lower price. The customer isn’t holding all of the cards that you think they are holding. So when you get to the discussion about price and you want to stay in control, remember that you never lower your price until you ask twice.

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