The 5 Best Gifts You Can Give Your Company For Christmas

Everybody looks forward to the company Christmas party. No matter how big or small, regardless of what food you are serving or if it is offsite at the country club or a simple hour in the company break room, the Christmas party signifies a lot to the company. There is a holiday break coming and, if they’re lucky, they may be getting a gift from the company. Perhaps it is a Christmas bonus or maybe it is the chance to play Secret Santa with their co-workers, but they are all expecting some kind of gift. The biggest gift to give them, but you never thought of, is their future as it relates to the future of the company. These are presents that you can’t wrap but isn’t that the case with so many great gifts. Here are the 5 best gifts you can give your company for Christmas.

  1. Great Salespeople – Great salespeople really are a gift. In fact, they truly are the gift that keeps on giving. You have salespeople now, but do you consider each of them great? If not, Scorecard training would be perfect for you and for them. ,,Click here to get started unwrapping training.
  2. New Business – Wouldn’t it be great to tell your company that there are going to be some great new customers coming in the New Year? Sure, your existing book of business is nice to have, but wouldn’t it be fun to bring on new challenges and better profits with new customers delivered by a great sales team?
  3. Better Profits – That’s the gift everyone wants, but you aren’t getting this gift because your salespeople have been giving it back to your customers through unnecessary discounts. Why? Because they either do not know how to sell your value, forgot how to do it, or perhaps just got lazy. Stop making price your best competitive selling advantage and create solid sales that make for better profits.
  4. A Sales Process – Sure, you already have one, but you probably don’t know what it is and, if you did, I doubt you would even want it. Your process is how you go about getting sales. When kids want Christmas presents, they have a process. Be nice (maybe), make a list, send it to Santa, set out the milk and cookies, and voila; presents! Your sales process should be just as easy to define and using our Scorecard could be the gift you need to get your sales process going. ,,Check out the Scorecard tool here.
  5. A Plan For Growth – Wouldn’t it be great to announce at this year’s Christmas party that the company is going to grow next year? It’s not going to be the same old same old. Everyone is going to be on a winning team playing a big role in the best year ever because you have a plan. Scorecard can help you identify and achieve your growth goals next year and it all starts with a Power Score Assessment. ,,Get your team started with their Power Score Assessment here.

This year give your company the gift of Scorecard’s and training and coaching services and watch how the giving season stays alive all year as we help you create great salespeople.

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