The 4 Reasons Why Sales Santa Will (Or Will Not) Bring You Presents This Year

Is Sales Santa Claus real? I bet you wish he was. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up Christmas morning to find a lot of new sales wrapped and waiting under your Christmas tree for you to tear into? Or are you expecting opportunities to be withheld by the miserly old Sales Scrooge or stolen away by the Sales Grinch? Well, the real magic in Sales Santa comes from believing in him. Well, that and hard work, sales strategies, top-notch marketing, sales training, aggressive prospecting, etc. But yes, Sales Santa is real. Whether or not his good fortune smiles upon you really depends on you doing the right things in his eyes (or so the legend goes). Here are the 4 reasons why Sales Santa may, or may not, bring you presents this year.

  1. Were You Naughty or Nice? – Nice salespeople do the work. They actually took the time to look for business and treated their prospects with respect. They listened to their needs, provided them with something useful, and followed up on all of their promises. These are the kind of salespeople that are greeted Christmas morning with stockings stuffed with goodies. Naughty salespeople have been making excuses for not seeking out new customers. They have overstated their opportunities to get their manager off their back. They didn’t ask for help when they were falling short of their sales goals. They deliberately buried themselves in busywork instead of picking up the phone. Sales Santa doesn’t need to check his list twice because he already knows for goodness sake.
  2. Did You Make Your Wish List? – No child will ever tell you that it is too soon to make your Christmas list. Believe it or not, every child has a prospect list and it is usually in the form of a recently mailed toy catalog. No kid would be caught without their catalog that is circled and highlighted with everything they want and, as far as they are concerned, there are no limits. What about your list? Did you create a list of prospective clients that you want without limits? Did you pull a list off of the internet and litter it with circles and highlights of opportunities that get you excited? No child gets what they want for Christmas without their list and neither will you. Start making your list of ideal clients today like you were a child waiting for Christmas.
  3. Did You Ask For What You Want? – Everyone knows that if you want something from Santa that you have to ask for it. It is magical the way that man can make things happen. If we learned anything from the movie, A Christmas Story, it is that if you hesitate to ask for the Red Ryder BB gun that you want, you may just end up with an ordinary football . Maybe you wait in line to sit on Santa’s lap or perhaps you mail your letter along with your wish list to the magical land of the North Pole. Either way, every kid knows to NEVER miss the step of asking Santa. Salespeople skip this all the time. We don’t ask prospects for the meeting. We don’t ask customers for their business. I’m not telling you to sit on their laps, but if you are not constantly asking your customers for what you want like a child approaching Santa, you will have very little to open on Christmas.
  4. Did You Leave Milk And Cookies? – Santa is a busy man. He is also a large man. That’s because he knows the moment of relief and pleasure that he will get when he takes a moment to enjoy the milk and cookies that you left for him. It is no doubt the reason why he comes back with gifts every year. If not, then what’s in it for him? For you, your milk and cookies are your sales goals and sales plan. Without those, how could Sales Santa even think about coming back? He wants the satisfaction of knowing that you have the upcoming year under control. He wants to digest some real numbers that will make him say, “Ho Ho Ho!” Worried that you have no goals or plans to give, let Scorecard help you with our ,,One Page Sales Plan

Believing in Sales Santa may be a silly thing, but frankly, the silly things that most salespeople believe about prospecting (as well as other things) is even sillier. But there is nothing silly about working with Scorecard to help bring some holiday joy into your sales. We create great salespeople and that is the gift that Sales Santa wants to bring each of you. Reach out today and let Scorecard show you how you can make this Christmas wonderful with sales.,,Get started with your team’s free Power Score Assessment here.

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