The 5 Gifts Your Salespeople Want For Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time of year for everyone. Right about now, your salespeople are busy trying to get in front of customers to deliver those Christmas ‘Thank You’ cookies to stay in front of customers while spreading good cheer.🍪 They have a stack of 200 Holiday cards that they have to sign, address and mail over the next two weeks and they still haven’t found the perfect attire for this year’s ugly Christmas sweater contest at the office. There is a lot of expectations for your salespeople right now, but did anyone bother to ask what they want for Christmas? Here’s a lift of 5 great gifts you can give them this year.🎁🎅
  1. Compassion & Accolades 👏 – Salespeople can’t get enough of this. Whether they did or did not get the great results they wanted this year, each of them would love a pat on the back and some simple acknowledgment of the hard work they did this year. This gift costs nothing and gives so much.
  2. Good Goals 💹 – The coming year is staring at them with a glance of uncertainty. Who knows what kind of year it is going to be? Give them sales goals that challenge them without overworking and stressing them. They want to be successful, so get them off to the right start with goals that are attainable and make sense.
  3. A Good Plan 💻 – This is the gift that can keep on giving. Whether your salespeople admit it or not, they need help getting their plan together for the new year. Sure, you can try to talk them through it, but why not make it simple with our One Page Sales Plan? Click here to get your team started.
  4. Training 👨‍🏫- Ok, some gifts are more needs than wants; why else would we get socks on Christmas. But what’s better than socks is some great sales training to kick start this coming year for your sales team. Let’s get going with Scorecard’s sales training to start the year off right. Find out more about Scorecard sales training and sign up here.
  5. More Money 💲- That’s as easy to see as Rudolph’s red nose. That doesn’t mean they are expecting you to give them a raise, but they want more opportunities and a better method for closing them. Give them the cutting edge to improve sales, close more deals, and earn more income with Scorecard’s sales coaching.
This year give your sales team the gift of Scorecard’s training and coaching services and watch how the giving season stays alive all year long as we help you create great salespeople.

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