Fortune Favors the Bold – 5 Bold Tips for Finding New Customers

Fortune favors the bold. This is ever so true when it comes to sales. Those of us who take risks and let the rejections roll off of us receive the greatest rewards and the best sales. Teaching someone to be bold and confident is not easy, but that’s what it is going to take to be successful in sales. The average salesperson is not a risk-taker; they do whatever it takes to avoid rejection and objections.  Are you a bold salesperson? Do you dive headfirst into a list of prospects knowing that you are going to win a lot of new customers? If the thought of picking up the phone and calling someone you don’t know to ask for their business makes your stomach hurt, now would be the time to pepper up your style and spice up your approach to become the bold salesperson you can be who gets the customers she deserves. Maybe you need some help and practice with your technique. If so – schedule a coaching session with Scorecard. Here are your 5 tips for being bold. 

  1. Disrupt – Like it or not, you have to disrupt your prospects to get their attention. For some reason, many salespeople are uncomfortable with this idea, but IT IS THE CORE FUNCTION OF YOUR JOB. If you don’t disrupt, you don’t get meetings and you don’t get deals. Not to mention the fact that you are a proud and professional salesperson who deserves that meeting because you know that what you have to offer is going to make a big difference to someone. Disruption brings good fortune to all.
  2. Confront – You must confront your prospect with the problems they have if you want to have a meaningful conversation. If they don’t have a problem or it’s just not a good fit, then move on. If you don’t confront the issue, they really don’t have a reason to meet with you other than to be polite.
  3. Provoke – Your prospects will not change unless you provoke them to do so. It’s not enough to confront their problems, you must challenge them to fix it once and for all with your help. They may be afraid and frustrated by their own problems, but you are not because you are the bold hero who can fix it. Ask questions that provoke them to defend the bad decisions they have made until now and they will be eager to hear your solution.
  4. Engage – Don’t just listen to a prospect’s problems, engage them. Be in their moment and feel what they feel. If it makes them feel mad, be mad. If they are overwhelmed, feel your own stress level go up. But when they are hopeless, show them that you are fearless because you have battled these issues before and won because you are bold.
  5. Ignore – Your biggest excuse for not being bold is fear. You are afraid that you will be labeled as annoying, pushy, and aggressive which leads to rejection. Rejection hurts, I get it, but you must ignore it. Besides, their rejection doesn’t matter. Why? Because you were rejected by a non-customer. They’re never going to buy from you because they either do not have a problem, don’t think they have a problem, or think they are smart enough to fix it some other way. Good for them, but since they aren’t going to be customers then their opinions don’t count. When you are bold, you silence out the noise of your critics to hone in on the cries for help of the customers who really need you. Your customers will be glad that you were bold when trying to work with them; everyone else on your prospect list who rejected you is a ghost.

 So please be bold. The only thing you have to lose moving forward is another sale because you weren’t bold enough to go after what is yours. Speaking of bold, that’s why we believe you should talk to us today about our coaching services so you can take your sales into a bold new direction.

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