Going On A Sales Date – Part 6: Rejection Is Finding The One For You 💔😥

Most of us believe that there is that special someone out there waiting for us and you aren’t told who that person is. You have to go and find them. And so begins your journey to find a mate, partner, spouse, whatever. It is a road with bumps, twists and, in some cases, some horrific car accidents along the way. You haven’t really lived until someone has told you ‘no’ when you asked them to go on a date. In that case, some of us have lived an awful lot, but it is all part of the process in finding the right person for us. Being told ‘no’ hurts no matter who you are, the reason or the context. It is in our nature to resist and avoid rejection. Why would you expect anything less when it comes to sales? Was there ever a time in your life when you wanted something or someone so badly, but you were too afraid to ask for it? We all have, but did we eventually get it without asking? Maybe, but probably not. We all have these kinds of regrets in our life that once far removed from the situation, asking for it doesn’t seem like a big deal but in the moment, we suffocate at the thought of taking that chance. This is the same paralysis all salespeople have felt at one time or another and over half still have a hard time overcoming. To you, selling feels personal. To the prospect, not so much. Part of your job as a salesperson is to get rejected. You will be rejected in many forms. You will be rejected often. You will be rejected in front of your peers and, if you are doing your job correctly, you will be rejected more often than you will hear ‘Yes’’. There is nothing wrong with being told ‘no’, especially when you know that you are one step closer to a ‘yes’. We all know the story of the guy in the bar who asks 10 women to go home with him. 9 will slap him in the face, but one will say yes. The guy understands his odds, plays them, and wins because he only needed one. Not that we would condone this type of behavior in the dating world only to make the comparison that if you know the numbers and you play the numbers, you win. It is your closing ratio. If you know your close ratio is 10%, then you know that (figuratively speaking) you must have 9 prospects slap you in the face before you find the right sale. If only we all had a dating coach back in high school, right? A time when dating was probably more embarrassing, confusing and painful then ever because it is so new. Someone to help you work through those rejections and help you find your soulmate. Well, that’s where being in sales is better because there are people such as us that are here to help you. Scorecard training and coaching will give you both the skills and perspective to effectively deal with sales rejection.  Who are your client soul mates? How do you understand that ‘no’ is a step on the ladder to ‘yes’? How do you know when ‘no’ really means ‘no’ and not ‘just not today’ instead? Get help to overcome your fear of objection and get someone to help you find your special clients that are just out there waiting for you to find them.

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