Going On A Sales Date – Part 1: Knowing That You Are Ready To Date 💕

The similarities between sales and dating are so uncanny that it almost becomes uncomfortable to talk about. The title alone could instantly spark your own idea based on your experiences, fears and successes. It’s tempting enough to even write a book on the comparison because it is so relatable that anyone who likely has dabbled in either sales or dating can be quickly flooded with emotions. The problem with dating is that we sometimes forget that we are essentially trying to sell ourselves to the other person while in sales, we forget to romance our prospects and clients. Understanding the analogies in our upcoming series will help you re-frame the emotional processes from both the salesperson and the prospect’s side of the sales date.  Very few people can say that they haven’t had a date in some fashion or another and even so very few can say that there wasn’t a time when they stopped dating. There can be several reasons for not dating.

  • You are already in a relationship (you have plenty of clients).
  • You are nervous about putting yourself out there at the moment.
  • You are content with being single (your current level of income).
  • You just got out of a long term relationship (lost a big client).
  • You are spending your time focusing on something else.

 The list just goes on from there. As salespeople and sales managers we have all been there in some fashion. New business is not being developed and we have a hard time getting back on the dating scene (prospecting). When it comes to sales, there has to be some type of need that gets us back into prospecting mode. The need for more sales or, as in dating, you are lonely. It is difficult to get back into the dating scene just as it is hard to go out prospecting when you haven’t done it for a while. This is where you will want to have a sales (dating) plan. Read more about Scorecard’s One Page Sales Plan. When you are dating again, it is hard to start picking up the phone, going to singles events or even having a good understanding of who you want to date. Sounds a bit like prospecting, doesn’t it? You’re nervous and you wonder if you still have the magic. You are worried about being rejected. You are excited about meeting those that will be interested. Sales bring along those same types of emotion on the same level whether we admit it or not. If you are feeling lonely and you need more sales, it is time to get back into the dating scene. Today we have many online dating platform options just as we have online selling and prospecting options. It makes us feel like we have a safe space when we are screens apart from someone else. This does have a measurable success rate, but if you are really serious about getting dates (or sales), you will have to pick up the phone again, go out to meet people and work on how you would ask someone out on a date. You have more of a luxury in the dating scene to limit yourself to online website than you do in sales. When you decide to date again, it is good to have a friend to help coach you through your experiences. Be sure to do the same with sales if you haven’t prospected for a while. If you need some help before jumping in, consider getting some Scorecard Sales coaching to give you confidence. If you are ready to go out and date again to develop new sales, know that there are wonderful people and opportunities ready to greet you (no matter what your cynical friends say). Sure, it can be scarier to go back out into the great unknown, but there is someone out there who really needs what you have to offer. Your job is to get out there and find them. You will be glad that you did.

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