The Four Pillars of Scorecard Sales

Every business has its fundamentals; the pillars on which your products and services rest. Not many companies have these outlined because it is something they don’t understand. They mistake pillars for core promises to their customer or they feel the pillars are so basic they everyone must know what they are. Rarely is that the case. Knowing the pillars of your company allow you to effectively communicate what you do in a meaningful way to others. It is important for our customers to understand that the 4 Pillars of Scorecard are Training, Process, Coaching, and Culture.  Training – Training is one of the number one reasons why Scorecard exists. In most companies, it is either hallow, undefined, ineffective, or altogether nonexistent. Companies that lack this foundation start everything out on the wrong foot and wonder why they can’t get the results they desire. Worse yet, they will train all other departments within the company except for sales because, well, they should already know what they are doing. We believe that training gives all salespeople a common language to speak, uniform processes, and a sense of united purpose. Scorecard training is designed to speak to anyone with any level of experience from brand new to season veteran. Scorecard training meets you right at your need and challenges you to learn more and do better based on our relatable approach.  Process – For those who are wondering why strategy is not one of the pillars, it is because we share it with process. Similar, yet mutually exclusive, process is tactical while strategy is a higher level. The problem that we find is that we find a lot of companies spending so much time talking about sales strategy that they never get down into the process or they let the strategy fall apart at the process. A sales strategy is not all that complicated. What are we selling? Who are we selling it to? How many can we sell? These are all fundamental to strategy. Strategy and process meet at the crossroads of how do we execute the sales? We have a simplified strategy with our (insert link for one-page strategic plan). But the process of our actual Scorecard is where the rubber meets the road. It is about planning, measuring, adjusting, and understanding all that we do so we can see what is, and is not, working.  Coaching – Let’s face it, most people in sales can have the attention span of a circus monkey. That’s just how we are. Training and process slide right off without the coach to keep it sticking. Coaching is the art of understanding another person’s style and playing to their strengths to get them their desired results. It takes discipline, experience and good tools to keep salespeople on track in a way that is purpose-driven and enjoyable. It means looking beyond the numbers to see what is really going on in someone’s world so that we can make corrections in a safe environment. Our coaching will bring out the best in you and your team. Sales Culture – Go into any business and ask any level of employee what the most important thing is company-wide and you’ll quickly run out of fingers to count the answer on. Does it necessarily have to be sales? No, but for most of you it probably should be. And is sales isn’t the most important thing, it is a close second. It is the drumbeat that calls the soldiers to the march. If you find that nothing can get done in your company, it will be because you can’t answer that one simple question. Scorecard will help you keep sales front and center. This doesn’t mean giving the salespeople the run of the place, but rather making sure they have the support they need to close great deals and grow the company so that your entire organization becomes a sales driver.

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