The Recipe for Sales Success

Salespeople are always searching for the “secret sauce” to sales. We get distracted by shiny new technology, better CRM software, the latest app or networking group. These are all good items to have in the sales pantry and can streamline a sales process or provide new opportunities. How about digital marketing? Surely social media, SEO, e-mails, white papers, blog and video content are the best ingredients to generate sales? These are channels that every organization should incorporate into their overall sales strategy, but they are the server, rather than the chef of sales.
So what then? Just as world class chefs revere the classics, successful salespeople know and rely on the best sales recipe to cook up their tasty book of business:
Consistency over Time equals Results
Consistency. Doing the right sales activities repeatedly, methodically, believing in the best outcome. Making the phone calls daily. Sending follow up emails regularly, filling your calendar with meaningful meetings and presentations. Following up on all leads and staying in touch with prospects and clients alike. It’s so easy to lose focus and get distracted by operations, personal problems or putting out fires, but you must stay consistent. This ingredient in the sales sauce takes perseverance and discipline. Rest assured that this will pay off.
Time. We are a people of instant gratification. We are uneasy about waiting for true client relationships to develop over time. Just as you wouldn’t expect a cake to bake properly after 30 seconds, so it is with sales. It can take weeks, months or even years of consistent activity to get that prized account. But nothing tastes better than a hard-won victory. Apply time and get your plate and fork ready for a yummy payoff.
Results: The sales results you desire are based on your consistency over time. But what if your results aren’t what you hoped? In cooking, we want top quality ingredients – so it is with sales. Ask yourself the following questions:
Am I truly consistent and do I use the most accurate measuring tools?
Am I following the recipe correctly?
Could I improve my sales technique or has it become soggy?
Is my presentation engaging or has it become stale?
Am I doing the right sales activities or am I relying on what’s easy or has worked before?
Consistently doing the right sales activities over time will yield really tasty results. At Scorecard, we’d be happy to help you tweak your recipe and spice up your sales technique. Contact us at [email protected] to get cooking on successful sales.

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