How does my Sales Activity Relate to my Pipeline?


A sales pipeline, in the easiest of terms, is the raw product that we as salespeople put into our sales factory to create revenue and profit for the company and income for ourselves. How your sales factory processes this raw material is your sales activity. But how in tune are you really to your sales activity and overall sales process?
Most of us would not like to think of what we do in terms of a factory. Salespeople would likely make some of the worst factory workers and I doubt many would be offended by that statement, but the analogy holds true. We all have a process whether we know and understand it or not. And like a factory, you want to do everything you can to turn as much of that prospecting raw material into a fine and useful product at the end of your assembly line. Planning and charting your sales activities each day on your Scorecard is the best way to get the most out of your prospecting lists.
Let’s say your sales factory is not producing as many closed deals as you would like. In other words, you have a process defect. How would you go about tracking, adjusting and improving your process to generate better sales? Most of us would get locked into the insanity of not only continuing to do the same old things that weren’t working, but would also double down in those efforts believing that maybe you just weren’t doing enough of it. If it is not working then it is not working; your Scorecard can help you spot the problem and avoid wasting time and effort on activities that are clogging up your sales pipeline.
You also want to make sure that your sales pipeline never runs dry and the pipeline runs dry when we reduce our sale activity efforts. This happens when we forget to follow our plan. A Scorecard One Page Sales Plan is the floor plan to your sales factory to make sure your processes are where they need to be. Just like in a factory, you wouldn’t want one without the other.
Contact Scorecard today to get your own One Page Sales Plan and your Scorecard to keep the pipeline overflowing with opportunities into your sales factory.

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