How Do I Improve My Sales Pipeline?

Our sales pipeline is the life force that creates and sustains our income as salespeople. Our companies are counting on us to bring new accounts into production while, in many cases, we are expected to maintain existing clients. Keeping a pipeline flowing with new business comes easier to some than it does others. A lot of this is based upon how much of a sales hunter you are versus how much of a sales account manager you are. Salespeople are always motivated to do more but sometimes we just don’t know how to get there.
The equation for this is simple.
Do you want better opportunities? Get a better pipeline.
Do you want a better pipeline? Start prospecting.
Better said, without prospecting there is no pipeline and little chance for success. Now, before you go into complete shutdown mode after seeing the word ‘prospecting’, let’s pull that monster out from underneath the bed and see how scary it really is. That monster that keeps us from a good pipeline has a body of uncertainty that is clothed in rejection. How do you fight back a monster that looks like that? A process with great training with the right amount of confidence.
Anyone can get a list of prospects off of the internet, but that is not enough to call it a pipeline. That pipeline is improved with a process and naturally, the process we recommend is the Scorecard. The monster of uncertainty that we mentioned is defeated by a process and that fear of rejection that it threatens you with is conquered by training. And wouldn’t you know, that’s exactly what Scorecard is here to help you with.
Read what sales people have said about the Scorecard and let us help you to gain control of your sales pipeline so that you can achieve the results you desire. Contact us today to get started.

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