How Do I Know if I am Doing Enough Sales Activity?

Salespeople are always looking for the fastest path to gratification. We want to see the sales numbers jump quickly and often. There are few things worse for a salesperson than to spend a day making phone calls, sending estimates and following up with prospects only to have no one respond to you. You are doing the work, but where are the results? Your sales manager may be asking you the same thing. How do you answer them? How do you answer yourself?
Not all sales days are created equal and they certainly don’t always go as planned. Even worse, some of us start the day out without even having a plan in the first place. A sales plan is not something that you make up as you go along. A sales plan is the covenant you follow toward success. (Learn more about making a sales plan here.) So how do you know if you had a good day or bad day, even when you worked really hard and you are hearing nothing but crickets? Having a scorecard helps you answer that question for both you and your boss.
The scorecard issued from Scorecard Sales takes into account every type of sales activity you can do while helping you plan your day. The score you receive at the end of the day, week and month can tell you how well you are doing? A good sales manager knows that even though the phones aren’t ringing on a particular day, seeing a full pipeline based on quality sales activities helps you to understand that time is being spent wisely. When we all agree on the benchmark of sales activities needed to get results and we stay on course, we can write off what would have been otherwise considered a bad day.
Ask about how our Scorecard can make your sales days more efficient and effective just by keeping track of all that you do. You can use it to compete with yourself or others on your team to create a rock-star salesforce in your company. There’s nothing worse than trying to guess whether or not you are being effective that day. Demonstrating your effectiveness to yourself and others is as easy as flashing your Scorecard. Don’t leave your success up to chance anymore.

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