Obstacle or Opportunity?

Question: How can salespeople best leverage this challenging business climate for my company? Aaron Answers: It’s a time of obstacle and a time of opportunity. Which will you choose to pursue? Will you decide to give up in fear and frustration or will you look for new sales opportunities? Will you choose to walk away or win? Consider these unique opportunities to grow professionally and personally: Opportunity to clean house – As we clean and organize our physical homes, staying focused and getting your “sales house in order are some ways to begin combat the anxiety and fear you are experiencing. Read more about that here. If you had a sales plan, you may wish to revise it – check out Scorecard’s One Page Sales Plan. Simple and concise, you’ll be armed with an effective plan ready to execute at the right time. Opportunity to learn – This season is an opportunity for professional development. Are there sales books that you’ve been meaning to read? I heartily recommend Jeb Bloundt’s “Objections” and “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg. Both of these titles would be suitable to read as a team and share feedback and insights with one another for team building and fellowship. Want more? Consider working your way through this sales book list for more learning, strategy, and inspiration. Subscribe to sales blogs to stay refreshed and to get timely new ideas (we like Sales Gravy and Hubspot. Opportunity to thrive – Don’t neglect your discipline or your self care. In this season, disciplines that you’ve established are vital to provide a framework for your day. Continue to utilize your planner or calendar and stick to your schedule. Spiritual and physical disciplines bring order and and support your health and well-being at a time when those are a precious commodity. In this, be gracious to yourself and others (leave room for ice cream and Netflix here). Opportunity to improve your sales techniques – This ban on business will lift and when it does, you want to be fighting fit, right? If you could use sales technique refreshers or a coaching, now is the time. Scorecard is here for you. Through digital or teleconference, our sales coaching modules are engaging and effective. Opportunity to grow your professional brand. In a culture of overwhelming bad news, be the voice of optimism and hope in your sphere of influence. When business resumes normalcy, you are positioned to further develop relationships you’ve begun and nurtured now.  At Scorecard, our mission is to make the world a better place through sales. These trying times we are in are a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the nobility of the sales profession.

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