How To Keep Focused? Aaron Answers.

Question: How do I Keep My Focus During COVID-19?
Aaron Answers: When times get tight as it will likely become, many of us salespeople will lose the heart and focus necessary to win the game. I find this notion quite sad, but it is human nature and some of you just can’t help it. But there are those of you who will discover your sales niche and thrive in these times. It is a matter of maintaining 3 major attributes: heart, discipline, and optimism.
Heart – You will need high levels of courage on the road ahead. You are going to hear some hard ‘no’s’. Others will be telling you to give up because it is hopeless. Your wallet may start to feel a little lighter as the size of your average sale decreases. So if you are planning to give up then give up now and save yourself a lot of heartache. This will be the time of the warriors to enter the battle so put your heart in the right place and keep thinking like a winner as you did in better days.
Discipline – This is not a vacation so don’t give up your great work habits and routines yet. You may not be able to squeeze the amount of productivity out that you are used to and you may not need to put on your suit, but maintain a schedule. Carve out 2 – 4 hours a day to connect with your clients, read the latest sales blog, come up with new sales ideas. These will become quite valuable when the game comes back on and those of you that maintain your focus will be rewarded in the future. The Scorecard is the right tool to help you with that so you can be certain to stay on task while having a little healthy competition with yourself.
Optimism – You must keep thinking like a winner even when you are marching through the mud. The universe has always rewarded optimism in its own way. See the goal and nothing else and march towards it like there is no better option. Don’t look back, don’t look down; eyes straight forward and move. Yes, there will be some bumps along the way, but these are the times where sales leaders are born. See it and be it.
Need some help staying focused? Our Scorecard tool is ideal for everyday use and extraordinary to assist you when the sales climate is turbulent and distractions are high. The ability to track, weigh, and measure sales activity is motivating for the sales person and useful for the sales manager to view activity and performance in real time. With a variety of simple sales activities to complete daily, you’ll feel great about your efforts, creating momentum that positions you for the win as soon as business resumes normalcy. Contact me, Aaron Jacobs at [email protected] to get your customized Scorecard and get focused and productive.

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