Grow YOUR Sales “Garden”

Everyone looks forward to spring. We draw energy from time in the sunlight and spending time with nature. The vibrant colors and green buds promise the bounty of a generous harvest later in the season.
The same is true for sales. We are energized by the prospect of new accounts, and imagine the fullness of our efforts rewarded by building relationships and closing deals.
Your sales book of business is your garden. It needs careful planning, proper attention and nurturing to grow into a thriving pipeline of income for you and your company.
What if you are experiencing a drought? Or are there so many weedy distractions that you can no longer see your path? Perhaps you see the promise of some blooms, but they die or wither and you’re not sure what went wrong? Maybe you are planting seeds in poor soil or trying to use a shovel where a spade would be more effective.
Your potential for healthy growth is far greater than that. You just need a “garden guru” to help design your plan and equip you to execute it. We all need some help out of the weeds sometime and we’re here to help.
The One Page Sales Plan is your sales “garden” design. We’ll cut out non-productive activities, replacing them with effective sales solutions customized to your business and industry. We’ll browse and choose promising prospects with you (like a seed catalog for your sales).
Your Sales Scorecard is where you get to dig in and get your hands dirty! You’ll plant the best seeds and learn how to water, feed, trim, and nurture your sales garden every day. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you so that these simple, focused tasks will yield an abundance of hearty blooms, ready for you to simply harvest and enjoy.
Still stuck in the weeds? Our meeting templates, training modules, and presentation templates help to overcome objections and time wasted on non-productive activities, making a clear and tidy path for you to achieve your sales goals.
Our tools and training are customizable and scalable no matter if you are a sales department of one, a sales manager with a large team, or somewhere in between.
At Scorecard Sales, we’re making the world a better place through sales – your sales “garden” should be a feast and delight to you. Get started today with your FREE Sales Culture Assessment. We’re eager to dream with you and start you on the path to sales success. Contact Aaron Jacobs at [email protected] to get started growing your sales “garden”

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