Sales Team Help for When You’re Feeling Lost

Whether you’re a sales manager leading a large team or a sales department of one, everyone needs some sales team help from time to time. Perhaps technology, CRM, and social media have superseded foundational sales processes such as phone calls and in-person meetings. Maybe you’ve on boarded several new sales people and need to streamline your processes to easily monitor the increased sales activity in your company. Could be you’re feeling stuck and need to be lifted out of your rut. If your company sales are lagging, the pressure is certainly on to make changes in process.  Regardless of the reason – you need sales team help to find your way to better sales performance. If you’re feeling lost in the desert, stuck in the weeds, or just can’t find your way, we’re here to help you drive your team on a successful road. Where are you now? Let’s start as we intend to go on – with meaningful information. Take our Sales Culture Assessment Survey to determine the health of your sales team and process. Your score will be provided and together we can identify strengths and weaknesses and activate the Scorecard tools that will help your sales processes.  Where are you going? From your survey results, we will help you develop your One Page Sales Plan You’ll appreciate the simplicity of this concise road map – a sales plan that you will actually use! How will we get there? Now it’s time have some fun and roll out the Scorecard Planning Tool. The Scorecard helps you and your sales people to plan sales activities by focusing them on the right activities to become effective hunters. Planning and tracking goes from hours to minutes saving valuable time to sell more. We’ll issue the Scorecard to each of your sales people and show them how to use it and help you interpret it. You and your team will love the transparency and the feeling of staying on track.  What will we do along the way? Having identified strengths and weaknesses in your sales people, let’s make sure you have great sales skills and deliverables. From presentations to role playing, our Training and Coaching modules will help you polish time-tested sales techniques while teaching new, effective ways to nurture the sales relationship from prospecting to deal closing.  How will we know we’re going in the right direction? Avoid detours and roadblocks by having effective sales discussions that actually stay on track with Monthly One on One Meetings. We’ll provide a meeting agenda template so that you and your sales people will have a meaningful and productive meeting that is based on their One Page Sales Plan and Scorecard.  I can’t wait to get started – what’s my next step? Go ahead and get in touch with us at Scorecard Sales to find out more or to take the FREE introductory sales culture assessment. It’s a great ride and we’re excited to be with you on your journey to sales success!

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