One Page Sales Plan – the Start of Sales Strategy

Sales people love to talk sales strategy. Identifying new markets, creating brilliant new campaigns, and dreaming of desirable targets can be inspiring and useful, but the inevitable protests, roadblocks, and lost focus leave a trail of broken dreams, wasted time, and loss of money spent chasing good intentions. How does a good sales manager distill the ideas generated from strategic sales meetings? How will you affirm the great ideas of your sales people while providing direction and accountability to ensure follow through and success? What if you are a sales person that needs direction? You know that you need a sales plan, but you also have been down that road before. That weighty sales plan that you created in January has been forgotten by March, languishing in the dusty clutter of the sales person’s desk drawer. This is of no use to you or your team and represents a waste of your time and effort. It’s not only dispiriting, it’s downright dangerous to lead a sales team without a sales plan. With no plan to follow, sales people will become frustrated and ineffective. This results in poor sales results from sluggish revenue and loss of sales people. What Makes a Great Sales Plan?A great sales plan starts with great communication. You will drill down into your company’s targets, goals, and resources, lead a candid discussion with your sales team, and apply available data. You, as the sales manager are responsible to curate and dispense this wisdom in the form of a useful sales plan. The One Page Sales Plan is Short & SweetA great sales plan is brief. Limiting your sales plan to a single page transforms it from a lengthy tome to a handy and useful reference that you and your team will actually use as a roadmap for the entire year. The beauty and brevity of the One Page Sales Plan is that it will eliminate excuses and inspire your sales people with its simplicity.The One Page Sales Plan is Comprehensive & ConciseHaving your sales plan all on one page may seem too short to be effective for your team. However, just because it’s short, doesn’t mean that it is rudimentary. Just as a professional resume is limited to a single page, your sales plan, when properly crafted, is sophisticated, succinct, and relevant. Cutting the clutter is like sharpening a finely honed sales weapon to hand to your sales people. The One Page Sales Plan is RelevantNow that you have your One Page Sales Plan, you and your team are ready to put it to work. You will use it to guide your sales people during your monthly one on one meetings for accountability. You will share it with management as a tool for transparency so that they will know what your team is working on and how they plan to achieve their goals. You will use it to easily onboard new sales people when you are ready to expand your team. Your One Page Sales Plan will be easily revisited and revised yearly.  How Can I Create a One Page Sales Plan?Creating a sales plan from scratch is daunting and time consuming. What if your One Page Sales Plan could be automated and presented to you in about 20 minutes? How would that feel? You could use that time to be a more effective sales manager for your team by engaging meaningfully with your sales people. You are released from thinking about strategy and now you are focused on plan execution and celebrating the exciting sales results with your sales people. Scorecard Sales Solutions has mastered the art and science of the One Page Sales Plan. The plan is automated, approachable, and customizable for a solo salesperson or for an entire sales team. Contact us today to create a One Page Sales Plan for yourself or for your entire team. It’s fun and easy, but more importantly, it’s a sales plan that will work because the hard work has already been done for you. The One Page Sales Plan is the start of your new sales strategy.

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